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Tata Ralli Bond Plus (Liver tonic + Binder) 5 Kg

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06 Plank-10

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06 Plank-10 helps in developing healthy, stable plankton bloom for fish and shrimp farming. Bloom serve as food for microscopic animal (zooplankton) and forms the base of the food chain that supports larger forms of life such.

Field Trials have shown that 06 Plank-10

  • Increases Bloom Development
  • Promotes Growth of Phytoplankton
  • Increase yield of pond
  • Increase weight of fish/shrimp
  • No pond bottom residue
  • Improves clarity of the water


  • Seaweed Based Bio Stimulant
  • Certified Organic Input as per NPOP Standards
  • For Aquaculture Purpose Only
  • Manufactured from Pure Seaweed (Sargassum Wightii)
  • Contains macro, micro and secondary nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals naturally present in seaweed


Enhanced With:  

  • Effective Micro Organisms –both Aerobic & Anaerobic beneficial bacteria such as Nitrogen fixing bacteria and phosphate solubilizers.
  • Micro Algae – natural and extremely efficient Nitrogen fixers such as Chroococcus Turgidus & Chlamydomonas Spp


  • Recommended Dosage by aquaculture expert 2.5-5Kg per acre, to be mixed with water and broadcast over pond. 1Kg Plank-10 dilute with 10 liter of water, use fortnightly for best result.
  • Kindly consult with an aqua consultant before using it.

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